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Finally, a concert


Finally, a concert.

After an appalling number of difficulties scheduling rehearsals, Ansae has finally put together a concert of the works we feel we can best represent.

MAY 31, 2011
8 PM
The Music Room
FREE / PWYC (donations excitedly received to help cover our costs)

1 – New Canadian Chamber Ensemble

5 – musicians, graduates of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Contemporary Music program

7 – WORLD PREMIERES by international composers

30 – the age under which all of these composers were required to be to have their submitted works considered for performance

“Fayv” – Alexandra Fol (Bulgaria/Canada)
“Tales of the Forest” – Catherine Downton (UK)
“Broken Etudes for Consort” – Tom Coult (UK)
“4 Games for 5 Players” – Otto Muller (USA)
“Nicht Zart: Hommage a Cage” – Anthony Green (USA)
“Pebble Skipping” – Richard Greene (USA)
“Ketman Cayt” – William Greenhalgh (UK)

AND…”Resonances” – Andrew Mellanby (Canada)
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